Robb Chiarini

Head of Gaming & Events, Zenni

My least favorite subject, in this world, is talking about me….I prefer conversations that start with “how can I help?”, but I guess you are reading this because you want to learn about me. With a career spent working in the gaming industry, entertainment and business consulting, I have developed internal businesses from nothing but passion and influence to become exponential revenue and engagement drivers. I have built and executed new programs and major events which have exponentially grown revenue and market engagement. I bring strong leadership skills, business acumen, high-energy and approach all challenges with unending enthusiasm. I am dedicated to the success of others and have worked with incredible people that have been key to these achievements. A born networker, relationships are key to me and I continually seek ways to cultivate meaningful connections, identify win/win opportunities and build long-term partnerships. I love to present and welcome the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge at events and conferences. I have been extraordinarily fortunate and equally grateful for multiple once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I am ever-mindful to pay it forward and seek ways to contribute to my community and the causes I believe in. Things I love doing include: Building things, getting the right people on board to create new businesses and opportunities Designing engaging and entertaining content, events, and experiences Public speaking, educating, informing and connecting with audiences Working for good, fulfilling my personal “mission to serve” Discussing the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe (or Star Trek, if you are more of a warp speed than lightspeed/hyperspace person. I take my faster-than-light travel either way)... or we can go down the rabbit hole of comics, movies, and games.

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