Regina Schaffer Carr

Vice President, Garden State Esports

Regina Schaffer Carr is an accomplished educator with extensive experience in teaching and educational leadership. She has authored two influential books in the "Closing the Gap" series, focusing on digital equity in schools. Additionally, Regina holds central roles in the field of scholastic esports, serving as the Vice President of Garden State Esports where she has produced events, written curriculum and developed an esports leadership program for coaches and advisors, a student leadership program and a NJ based scholastic esports parent’s information and advocacy coalition. She is also on the advisory board of the New Jersey chapter of the Esports Trade Association and Stockton University's BS in Esports Management program. She has been a NASEF Fellow and mentor and is currently a community leader. Regina is dedicated to advancing the intersection of scholastic esports and education, addressing issues of equity, access and opportunity. You can connect with Regina on Twitter and Linkedin.

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