Pamela Moreno

Special Education Teacher, Community Health Academy of the Heights

Pamela Moreno has been an NYC educator for over a decade. She has dedicated her career to supporting struggling learners and helping them cultivate a passion for learning, while also guiding them to think outside of the box. Ms. Moreno has dedicated her time to forming relationships with her students and breaking down barriers that would hinder their social-emotional and academic growth. In her interactions with students, she works to demonstrate creativity along with proactive problem solving skills, particularly with regards to ensuring that students have spaces to explore and develop their own interests and passions. Creating one of the NYC’s first esports team that has facilitated her students with opportunities to prepare themselves with critical skills for the 21st century such as, strategizing, content creating, organizing and entrepreneurial. Thus, making her a Community Leader for the 2023-2024 school year with the Network of Academic Scholastic Esports Federation.

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