James Wood

NASEF Scholastic Tournament Administrator

NASEF: James Wood is the Scholastic Tournament Administrator for NASEF, the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations, where he oversees all elements of competitive NASEF esports titles. He is currently in charge of the NASEF x CIF Esports Initiative where he is working on facilitating the competitive and educational elements involved in the CIF Competitions as well as the NASEF Fall Open Cometitions. James is one of NASEF's Community Leaders, having completed the NASEF Scholastic Fellow and NASEF Scholastic Mentor program. James was also a middle school mathematics teacher and high school math teacher for 10 years. He has ran a gamified classroom with classroom items, experience, guilds and currency, and also has taught a variety of elective courses, including courses on Esports Production and Broadcasting, Video Production, 3D Computer Design, and Introductory 3D Printing. James has written a curriculum focused on CTE elements in esports, as well as a full course on Video Production and Broadcasting as a middle school elective course. James Wood is the founding member and organizer of the Western Region Middle School Esports Conference, a collection of middle school teachers that offer scholastic esports programs to middle schools in the pacific and mountain time zones free of charge. WRMSEC currently has teachers from California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Washington that have been participating in middle school esports conferences. In his (admittedly limited) free time, James enjoys playing board games with his wife and their two children, attending their never ending sporting events, playing MTG with his friends, or occasionally losing horribly in LoL ranked. Lately he has been enjoying Tears of the Kingdom and a family Minecraft server with his wife and children.

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