Dr. Jayne Morgan

Executive Director of Health, Piedmont

Forward-thinking Innovation Leader with extensive management expertise in medical devices, medical device Start-Ups, Innovation incubators, Healthcare and Hospital management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs. Recognized for: • Achieving device registration with FDA and EMA • Spearheading early innovation and device development • Identifying and advising on investment opportunities within biotechnology • Negotiating the healthcare hospital matrices • Identifying partnerships between hospitals and vendors in the biotech space • Advocating for patient health via legislative and collegial support, communicating science effective to various publics, and gaining industry acceptance • Leading the Office of Innovation • Instituting Feasibility program • Creating and Leading an Imaging Core Lab • Formulating all Core Lab financial bids • Reviewing NDAs • Providing Growth and Strategic Trajectory to all research disciplines • Leading robust clinical development programs to innovate scientific platforms and create novel compounds and devices • Developing Strategic Analyses • Instituting initiatives to gain and increase physician/association support • Creating commercialization and licensing strategies including brand positioning, product scaling, and risk mitigation • Vetting new inventions • Chairing the CEC (Clinical Endpoints Committees) • Authoring IP (Intellectual Property) Policies • Lecturing and serving on panels for Innovation/Biotech/Healthcare • Expanding indications via Phase IV trials, Investigator Initiated Studies, and Healthcare • Leading robust medical affairs, clinical, and commercial programs to create scientific platforms, support novel compounds and devices, and develop and execute brand strategies • Building trust, collaboration, and sustaining relationships with Inventors, Investors, Medical colleagues, Regulatory, and Legal to enhance company’s scientific reputation and support Sponsor’s goals

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