Wondering if Esports Summit is right for you?

Whether you grew up watching competitive gaming online or you're still trying to wrap your head around the idea of esports, Esports Summit is crafted to provide a valuable experience to all attendees.

For those who are unfamiliar with esports, this two-day conference is an invaluable crash course that covers all aspects of the esports industry.  For those already in the esports or gaming space, Esports Summit is a must-attend networking event with colleagues and innovators who continue to share the esports landscape.

Get up to speed on all aspects of the esports industry and where it is headed.

Non-Endemic Companies
Though esports is built around video games, you don’t have to be a gamer or a gaming-focused company to engage in the industry. There are multiple partnership opportunities for non-endemic companies to get involved and reach a currently unreachable demographic that doesn’t consume media via the traditional avenues. Learn how your company can fit into the bigger ecosystem and engage with esports audiences.
If you’re thinking about starting a scholastic esports club, team, or community at your middle school, high school or college/university, Esports Summit will provide you a birds-eye overview of all the disciplines that go into building an esports organization. The leaders in scholastic esports have cultivated panels and workshops to help support your esports scholars and athletes with the best practices in esports AND education. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn from the experts, and college students are encouraged to attend, too.
Esports is already a $1.3B industry.  Videogaming is a $150B global industry and bigger than Film and Music combined.  And gaming and esports are at the center of consumer trends toward digital presence and engagement described by "the metaverse", a space which has seen $120 billion of investment dollars already in the year 2022.  Learn about these consumer trends and meet the companies positioned to capitalize upon them.
Endemic Gaming Companies
As a company embedded in the gaming scene, you know that the gaming industry continues to have strong growth projections for 2023 and beyond.  Join us as a thought leader in discussing the past, present, and future of gaming and esports.