PK Graff

Academy Director, Ghost Gaming | General Manager / Instructional Designer

PK "ch3m1st" Graff here, gamer extraordinaire and your Esports sensei by day, and by night, the strategic mastermind behind Ghost Gaming Academy's talent forge. When I'm not pwning noobs or racking up Victory Royales, I'm crafting the next level of game-centric brain fuel for K-12 legends-in-the-making at Forsyth Virtual Academy. I'm all about leveling up real-world skills through Esports and Python programming, pushing for epic wins in computer science equity, and managing FoCo Esports' mighty roster of 500+ players. So whether I'm in the classroom or the arena, I'm building an army of Spirited Gamers ready to take on the world. Remember, in the game of life and pixels, keep your HP high and your spirits higher—Stay Positive Out There Gamers! 🎮✨

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