Jen Dawson

Esports Solution Specialist, CDW-G

As an esports solution specialist, I have the opportunity to bring my passion for education and knowledge of technology to holistically support our partners and schools across the country. Having been a former educator, my desire for improving the education experience, equity, and inclusion has carried over into my career in technology and esports. To quote one of my favorite books on the matter, "Esports serves as an inclusive opportunity to give voice and recognition to students who may not have otherwise chosen a role within the school community." - The Esports Education Playbook In my free time, I am an avid gamer, prop and costume maker, and occasionally make appearances with the 501st to different charities as a StormTrooper. TK42287 reporting for duty! If you are ever interested in learning more about esports in education or just want to nerd out, feel free to message me - I'd love to chat!

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