Dustin Pyles

CEO/Managing Consultant, VAZA Consulting

Dustin Pyles stands at the helm of VAZA Consulting as its CEO/ Managing Consultant, where his expertise in education policy and strategic grant acquisition has led to the procurement of nearly $700 million total in funding to date. His acumen in cultivating partnerships is pivotal in advancing STEM education, as well as spearheading other cutting-edge workforce initiatives through adept policy and funding advocacy. Established as a 'Dot Connector,' Pyles excels in orchestrating collaborations that not only elevate scholastic esports but also integrate it with STEM curricula, thereby equipping both young people and adults with the critical, in-demand workforce competencies required to be competitive for tomorrow’s job market. At the summit, Pyles is poised to impart valuable strategic insights to enhance the educational impact of esports and to share best practices for securing strategic funding, grants, and investments that are fundamental to nurturing innovative projects and initiatives.

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