Cooper Fiscus-van Rossum

General Manager, Georgia Esports League

Since 2018, Cooper Fiscus-van Rossum has been dedicated to expanding and enriching the experience of scholastic esports coaches and players competing both in Georgia and national leagues. After 7+ years as a strategic marketer and graphic designer working with companies in the Travel, Education, Tech, and Real Estate industries, he took a call to spearhead a scholastic esports program during the inaugural year of varsity high school esports in Georgia. During his time as head coach for The Mount Vernon School League of Legends and Rocket League program, Mr. Fiscus-van Rossum produced and hosted the 2020 State Championship (League of Legends/Rocket League) in collaboration with PlayVS and the Georgia High School Association. Since then, Mr. Fiscus-van Rossum has gone on to co-found a national professional organization for High School and Collegiate esports coaches (that specializes in coach education and community league operations), founded a non-profit that provides grants for underfunded scholastic programs, produced and cast live-streamed esports state championships and playoff matches for national titles, worked with Cloud9 Training Grounds on a Scholastics Training Beta Program, became a board member of the Georgia Scholastic Esports Foundation (GSEF), worked with Skillshot and Velan Studios to continue furthering the development of scholastic esports in Georgia, joined the Georgia Film Academy to teach esports centric courses, and most recently been named the Commissioner of the Georgia Esports League.

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