Bethany Pyles

Coaching Director, NASEF

Bethany Pyles (she/her) (ign: indyburgh) lives in Los Angeles, CA and holds a B.A in anthropology. Bethany is the Collegiate Engagement Lead for the*GameHERs and the Director of Business Development at Gamerabble. She was previsouly the Director of Coaching for the North America Scholastic Esports Federation Bethany and the Head of Coaching for Cloud9's Training Grounds. Bethany also co-developed and facilitated the Esports Teacher Academy with Microsoft using Minecraft Education Edition as well as the NASEF Coaching Course. Bethany is an avid gamer and competes casually in Overwatch, Apex Legends and other FPS titles. She has a passion for play and learning that stems from personal experiences and a rich mentorship from notable researchers and professors at the University of California Irvine and Connected Camps.

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